The Team

AOS Focus

Advisor OS has a team of nearly 50 professionals located in 7 major cities across the U.S.  Overseeing nearly $10 billion in assets, we have been able to utilize established solutions with a boutique approach. 


We know that an advisor's success doesn't fit in a box,

so we believe that their tools and solutions shouldn't come from one.

Our high-touch, customized solutions arise from our commitment to our three foundational strengths.


Research is at the heart of everything we do, and starts with our leadership.  Our team attends over 1000 manager meetings each year, gathering research from every avenue available. This research is analyzed, organized and communicated to our advisors to arm them with the information and materials they need in order to make the best decisions for their clients. 


Our industry relationships provide our advisrs an open book of solutions.  Manager sourcing, third-party tools, institutional pricing.  We have the connections that advisors need in order to source the personalized solutions their clients expect. With AOS, you aren't alone, and our 20 years of industry relationsihps will prove it.


We are a technology first firm, building our advisor technology in house to provide operational solutions for each advisor we work with.  Rather than having to adjust a process to fit technology, our technology is built for your process, tying into over 1,100 applications advisors can choose from.  Your CRM, account opening, billing, reporting... all of your operations in one platform 



Phil Kosmala

Phil and his team have the responsibility of advising a national client base of endowments, foundations, plan sponsors, and affluent families

randy pic.jpg

Randal Wolf

Randy’s experience at Ellwood & Associates, Greenrock Research, William Blair, and Talon Asset Management provides expertise that covers all aspect of investment consulting services.


Joe Taiber

Joe’s consulting and research experience covers all aspects of investment consulting services and has been in the investment consulting industry for over 15 years.  

Matt pic.jpg

Matthew Terrien

Matt brings over 25 years of experience in senior level analytical, research, portfolio management, and consulting capacities to compliment the team at Advisor OS.